Are the charaters in Shrek 1 typical fairytale creatures???????
YES and NO

Yes…in the way that they are make-believe characters. For example there is Shrek the ogre and there is the dragon.

NO…in the way that the role that they take in the story is not typical of a normal fairytale. For example Shrek the ugly ogre plays the role that is typically occupied by a knight in shining armour. In a typical fairytale the ogre would take the role of an obstacle(on the evil side) in the quest or journey of the
knight in shining armour.

The Prince isn't charming. The Princess isn't sleeping. The sidekick isn't helping. The ogre is the hero. Fairy tales will never be the same again. (copy paste)

Some of the main characters in 'Shrek' that are typical fairytale characters are; the prince, the princess, the ogre, the noble steeed and the dragon.

Here are the roles which these charaters would play in a typical fairytale:

-The prince: is a handsome and charming young man who, through some sort of quest or story of love or journey pursues a beautiful young woman-often a princess. They end up getting married and live happily ever after.

-The princess: is a beautiful young woman who is going through the emotions of wondering when she is going to find her 'Mr Right' She is enevitably rescued by her knight in shining armour or swept off her feet by a hansome young prince.

-The ogre: is large, foul beast who is feared by everyone. An ogre would be an obstacle in the quest of a knight who's quest is to rescue the damsell(princess) in distress.

-The noble steed: is a hansome and well-built stallion who is extremely loyal and helpful in the knight's or the prince's quest.

-The dragon: is a massive beast that is often able to breath fire as well as fly. The dragon, like the ogre, represents a physical obstacle that the pursuer must overcome in order to reach the damsell and win over her heart.

=So basically to sum things up in terms of the role which these typical characters take on in Shek 1:

-the prince isnt hansome or charming and in fact takes on the role of the obstacle especially toward the end of the stroy.

-the princess is beautiful but posesses some very un-lady-like qualities.

-the ogre ends up being the hero of the story and falls in love with the princess.

-the noble steed is an annoying donkey who is a bit of an obstacle rather than a help.

-the dragon ends up falling in love with the noble steed and helps in the rescueing of the princess.

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