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Ogres (Shrek):

Ogres have always been described on other fairy tail books as of being large and hideous beast. We are always told of them of how they the flesh of human beings. In art, ogres where often been drawn to have a big head, which is very, true in this case, plentiful and bushy hair and beard, which is not true in this case, a big stomach with a strong body.

According to the myths of Northern Europe, an ogre is described as a being of fierce and cruel monsters, which eat human flesh. Some folk tale describes then of being shy, being cowardly and have no or little intelligent, which make it easier for men to defeat them. They are said to live in big castles or some times under ground.

Hero irony:

Shrek is shy, when he has to reveal his true identity to Fiona by taking off his mask and she doesn’t expect an ogre to be her “Prince Charming”. He is however not cowardly to fight off the noble nights in the arena or to save his land from being taken away by Lord Farquaad. Shrek isn’t that stupid which makes him smarter than an average ogre who is outsmarted my knights. He doesn’t live in a castle or underground but instead in a hollowed out tree trunk in his swamp.

Good vs. Evil

In all the fairy tails which I have read it always seems to be the good guy which triumphs at the end. The bad guy dies and they all live happily ever after. Shrek wood then to me represent as the good guy and Lord Farquaad as the evil villain.

Shrek: good

Shrek is an ogre which lives in a swamp all by himself until a very friendly donkey came upon him. Shrek use to be a very angry character. We don’t know much of Shreks’ past but all that I could find out was that he has always been an ogre of the non-hostile kind.

Shreks’ life was turned upside down when he saw that his swamp has been an exile place for all the fairy tail creatures which have been put into custody for Lord Farquaads’ hate of them. Shrek makes his way to duloc to ask Lord Farquaad for the removal of the fairy tail creatures on his swamp.
Shrek has a big fight with the knights and ends up having to rescue the princess to be Lord Farquaads bride. Shrek is very successful in his mission however he also falls in love with Fiona. He then saw that she turns into an ogre at night and they marry and live happily ever after, where Lord Farquaad is eaten by the dragon.

And there is the entire movie summed up into 7 lines. Nice william, although it does seem a bit irrelevant

Lord Farguuad: evil

Lord Farquaad is a very short and obsessive person, who wants to set out and claim the perfect bride. He also has a strong hate for all the fairy tail creatures. Lord Farquaad hired Shrek to rescue his princess Fiona. Lord Farquaad has to marry a princess in order to become king. Princess Fiona however dislikes him immediately and when he finds out that Fiona turns into an ogre at night he was disgusted. Shrek saved her from Lord Farquaad shortly just before Lord Farquaad was eaten by the dragon. The hero never dies in a DreamWorks movie.

Epic Battle: Good vs. Evil

There is a minor epic battle in the movie Shrek. There is however not a lot of blood shed since it is based on a movie for kids as well. The epic battle between good and evil will be the fight for Princess Fiona. Shrek has to rescue her from the dragon which is guarding the castle from the brave night to slay the dragon and give Fiona her true loves first kiss.

Shrek however doesn’t slay the dragon but it thrown into the highest tower by the tail of the dragon. Donkey is caught in a crisis of death, but he sweet talks the dragon by complimenting her. He then sees that the dragon is a female and the dragon the fell in love with Donkey by his compliments which he gave.

After Shrek has rescued Fiona he has to go and save his ass. He thinks out a plan and rescues Donkey, but in the same time puts a chain around the dragons’ neck. The dragon is then caught up with the chain in the castle while Shrek, Donkey and Fiona escape.

Some extra interesting stuff:

Parodies and jokes
• The castle in Duloc is an obvious parody of Disneyland, complete with a box office, turnstiles and ropes for queueing up patrons seeking admittance.
• The character Lord Farquaad was modeled after former Disney CEO Michael Eisner, who fired current DreamWorks CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg from Disney in 1994. That Farquaad is portrayed as being extremely short, despite Eisner being fairly tall, is supposedly because Eisner once made fun of Katzenberg being shorter than him.
• Earlier in the movie, when the fairy tale creatures invade Shrek's swamp, the Papa Bear and the Baby Bear are there, but the Mama Bear is nowhere to be seen. But after Shrek explained to Donkey why he is better alone, when cutting to Farquaad's bedroom, we see what had happened to Mama Bear - she has been turned into a rug. (However, she manages to show up unharmed in the karaoke music video.)
• In Farquaad's bedroom, when he is watching the mirror displaying images of the Princess, it appears he has an erection.
• During the rescuing of Princess Fiona from the dragon, in the part when Fiona says where the exit is and when Shrek says, "Well, I have to save my ass," (referring to Donkey), there is a cookbook in the background about how to eat a knight.
• When entering Farquaad's room, in the back of Farquaad's bed, there are paintings of himself. The middle painting show Farquaad rising from the sea. This is a parody of the Greek mythology of the Goddess of Love, Venus, doing the exact same thing, and of the Botticelli painting "The Birth of Venus".
• In one scene, Fiona kills a blue bird by singing in an extremely high-pitched tone. This scene refers to Walt Disney's movie: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. In that, Snow White is often shown singing with a little blue bird.
• In the scene when Fiona is fighting off Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Fiona jumps in a still motion and the camera goes around her in mid-air, whilst she adjusts her hairdo. This is a reference to the movie The Matrix and the "bullet time" effect introduced in it. (Some of the rest of the fight moves and poses also parody Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.)
• Shrek's fight with the knights in Duloc is a parody of a typical fight portrayed by World Wrestling Entertainment.
• Fiona's "transformation" after she kisses Shrek is practically identical to the Beast's transformation in Beauty and the Beast.
• In the background of the karaoke party one of the princesses can be seen doing a dance very similar to that of Elaine Benes from Seinfeld.
• Some of the fairy tale "creatures" such as Snow White bear a striking resemblence to their Disney renditions.

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