Guy can handle the music. Note that according to that imdb trivia page (see resources - the one with the trivia), the opening song "All star" by smash mouth was only a place holder, and was not intended to be in the final movie. However because test audiences loved it so much, the producers decided to keep it. Ahh the music part is already in the "what we are gonna say" part - Guy


Lots of fairytell places, that are a little exaggerated. In the fairytails there is often the perfect kingdom. Duloc However is too perfect that it becomes unrealistic and even kitch.

The princess is supposed to be hidden away in an evil castle, which, in most fairy tails is fairly unaccessible. However the fact that it is surrounded by a lake of molten lava, again goes to the extreme, and it is almost mocking the fairytails in that it is just so unrealistic.

There is not much other scenery which is relevant, I don't think.


A lot of the dialogue is ripped off from other movies eg babe (see resources - the one with the trivia), and a lot is from other fairy tails: Eg

  • "Run run run I'm the ginger bread man"
  • "He huffed and he puffed and he signed an eviction order"
  • "Do you know the muffin man?"

This indicates that instead of trying to be it's own unique fairy tail, it is purposefully making references to other fairytails, possibly in order to make fun of them.

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