Shrek project

By Gareth Howard, Guy Kabot, Robert Ketteringham, Michael Smith, William Versveld, Steven Wylie

This website was made to aid in the planning of our forum discussion. Basically this web page enabled us to collaborate our knowledge and collaboratively come up with a rough plan for the order of our discussion. This website, like any wiki, lets any of the privileged users edit any page. This means that any of us could add input on any topic, whether or not that topic was designated to us.

It also meant that we could put together our discussion in a dynamic way. When one person added info, the others could instantly see it, and therefore we would avoid repeating information.

This way we could do our project without having to organise to meet together at specific times. That would have been awkward as no time would have been convenient for everyone.

Please note that all the information on this website was our own interpretations of various aspects of Shrek. Although information may have been drawn from other resources on the internet, (see resources) they have not been "copy-pasted" and they were only used to provide alternative opinions.

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