Shrek (DreamWorks) tuning Disney

Shrek tunes fairy tails, especially fairy tail movies. Why? Because dreamWorks (makers of shrek) are in direct competition to Disney (makers of all other fairytail movies) and hence, they would tune them stukkend.

Hence shrek also tunes the disney theme parks.

"Duloc is the perfect town" song is very similar to some Disney theme song (according to imdb, see resources)

Also, apparently Lord Farquaad is ripping of some CEO of Disney that was a real doos and fired the current DreamWorks CEO

I'm not sure if we can actually mention any of this above stuff, it's kindoff irrelevent.

I think its flippen brilliant. ill try and work it in - Guy.

Disney is the main producer of fairytales, thats possibly why Dreamworks has included all fairytale characters in this movie, to show what a joke Disney really is- Michael

This does not mean that Shrek is ripping off fairytales, but it is ripping off Disney's interpretation of them.

Also, shrek has many, MANY references to other disney movies, folk stories, nursery rhymes, and even normal movies (babe). The only other movies which contain as many references to other movies are the rip-off movies. Scary movie. Not another teen movie. Meet the spartans. Etc. All of those movies, have no intention of any plot themselves, all they do is rip off other movies.
Shrek does this to some extent, however Shrek is not like all those other rip-off movies as Shrek does itself have a plot.

Shrek has all the typical fairytale elements that one would expect from an animated movie, but with a twist! There is a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, and fire-breathing dragon. The mockery that Shrek the movie relays of other fairytales, is that of a good-guy being an ugly and scary looking Ogre, the prince is the villain, the dragon is not slain and the best looking couple does not ride off into the sunset.

The movie definitely starts off as a typical fairytale, it is emphasized by the reading of a book right at the beginning, followed by the soft, soothing music and the image of a beautiful princess in the book. When the audience least expects it, the movie takes a turn. This is when Shrek says, “Oh, like that will ever happen” and the movie immediately fades away from being a normal fairytale.

Throughout the movie, there are definitely scenes that mock typical fairytales, like that of Fiona telling Shrek how she should be rescued. Since the beginning of fairytale movies, there has been this association that a princess should be rescued by her true love, who is handsome and charming and also a prince, who is fearless and is willing to risk his life in order to save her. This will never or is not likely to happen in real life! Another scene would be that of the dragon that falls in love with donkey. This is just ridiculous! This would never happen in a typical fairytale, but only in the movie Shrek, as it aims to find flaws and mock typical fairytales.

Relationships definitely play a key role in the making of Shrek. The key or most important relationship in Shrek, is that of Shrek and Princess Fiona. Their relationship is best described as a Beauty and the Beast relationship, but with a twist. The Beast is Shrek and the Beauty is Princess Fiona. The twist is the fact that by day Princess Fiona is a typical princess- beautiful, graceful and elegant, and by night she is the same as Shrek, a green, ugly Ogre. The movie does have a happy ending with regard to the Shrek and Princess Fiona relationship. On the way to Lord Farquaad’s castle, Princess Fiona’s true colors emerge. This is when she starts to show that she is actually an Ogre by heart. She starts to burp, she knows karate and she knows how to make insect delicacies that pleases the palate of an Ogre. An example of an insect delicacy in the movie is when Princess Fiona presents Shrek with spiderwebs wrapped cotton-candy-style, topped with bumblebees. Right at the end of the movie, the attraction that Shrek has for Princess Fiona is strengthened by the fact that, not only is she an Ogre by night, but also by the fact that her spell can only be broken by the kiss of her one true love, which just happens to be another Ogre. Fiona then realizes that she really does love Shrek and they live happily ever after. Their attraction can also be noted by their eyes and body language.

Another relationship in the movie is that of Donkey and Shrek. They meet almost by accident. The positive energy and ever-optimistic outlook that Donkey has, is actually the perfect compliment to Shrek’s often grumpy exterior. Shrek might not admit it, but Shrek could not live without Donkey.

The moral that the movie Shrek tries to relay to its audience, is that of we are all too quick to judge books by their covers. This is very much the same for humans, and in this movie, Ogres. Or you should not judge something by its appearance. Another element that the movie touches on, is that of inner beauty and self acceptance.

The most important message that the movie conveys to its audience, is seek your own definition of beauty and be proud of what you are.

One of the characters that is really degraded in the movie, is Donkey. Admittedly, Donkey is a hip-talking, fast-walking, happy-go-lucky character, but when Princess Fiona calls Donkey a “noble steed”, Donkey as a character is totally degraded. Donkey can never be a “noble steed” because he his tiny, not muscular, scared, too much of an idiot and lacks self confidence.

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